Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka

7 08 2007


BANGSA MALAYSIA MERDEKA is a gathering of citizens to remember the original meaning and objectives of our Independence and a celebration of multiculturalism and independent-thinking civil society.

Time and Date: midnight 30 August 2007

Event Venue: KL, to be confirmed

Event updates here and at The People’s Parliament:

Dear friends and fellow citizens,

If you are concerned/tired/fearful/angry at the direction that this country is heading in, now is the time to stand up and be counted. Make your voice count for once, and help make a difference. Make this a country where race doesn’t matter; where we don’t have to look at each other with suspicion and fear.

Event poster created by mob1900 of Mob’s Crib



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16 08 2007

nice info…will visit this blog again!

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