Govt Goes After “Negarakuku” Singer

8 08 2007


Another case of the BN government really getting its priorities right in this country.

Uh-huh. With a soaring crime rate, sagging economy, endemic corruption, civil service incompetence, institutionalised racism, and all sorts of other crap going on at home, (8.2 reported rapes/day so far this year – up to 20 cases/day if you include the unreported ones), the government decides to pull out the stops to haul up an angry young man based in Taiwan who has chosen to express his anger in a relatively peaceful manner by making a satirical music video. Oraight! itu barulah “good governance”!

If it isn’t too much trouble for you idiots in government to switch on your brains once in a while (the switch labelled A-K-A-L), and think about it: this young man is just venting his frustrations in a creative and civil manner, rather than spraying bullets or planting bombs. Have you ever wondered WHY this young man is angry? Maybe… just maybe he has a good reason to be angry? Go pay those useless MCA fellers to make themselves useful and translate the lyrics for you. All the reasons are in the lyrics.

Has it EVER occurred to you zombies that maybe the government could actually try to fix the root problems (corruption, incompetence, racism, etc etc ad nauseaum) instead of going after the whistleblowers/critics? (I hear the metallic screaming sound of gears gnashing to a halt in BN brains)

Hold on a minute, let me make a call to Pak Blah:

Oii Pak Blah!! hang dah bangun ke belum? Baru sahaja berjoli 10 hari kat Perth, lepas balik KL, tidur mati pula? Apalah yang Pak Blah buat yang gitu meletihkan kat Perth? Kalau Pak Blah ni betul letih sangat, boleh timbang letak jawatan PM, lepas tu Pak Blah boleh betul-betul rehat, takde orang hyper macam saya ni berleter kena buat kerja. Tapi selagi Pak Blah memegang jawatan PM; selagi Pak Blah terlena masa kerja; selagi Pak Blah pura-pura buat tak tahu, jangan risau, Pak Blah ada orang macam saya jadi teman, OK? Akulah mambang conscience mambang Internet, bayangan maya yang sentiasa di sisi Pak Blah.

Pak Blah says “Hi, saya tidak tahu.”

Report on Malaysia Today here:

The Negarakuku video on YouTube (with over 500,000 hits as of this writing) is here:

(Note: the YouTube link seems to be very slow today. Suspect massive traffic due to BN’s free publicity for ‘Negarakuku’. Alternatively search ‘negarakuku’ on YouTube for mirror postings of the video. An English translation is also available)



One response

8 08 2007

Saw it on The Star Online this morning. Thanks to these jokers (present company included, I now know of the existence of such a video). What a way to play the media, BN. Any publicity is good publicity, innit?

[ ghostline ] : Same thing happened with Malaysia Today when they went after RPK. The Net is watching.

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