Just Because…

9 08 2007


This statement is dedicated to the UMNO-BN fascists, without whom this blog would never have come into existence.

Just because I disagree with the government of the day… does not make me a pengkhianat (traitor);

Just because I criticise corrupt, boorish and incompetent leaders… does not make my words seditious;

Just because I mercilessly mock the corrupt, inept and ill-disciplined police force… does not make me anti-establishment;

Just because I will never accept “ketuanan Melayu” (‘Malay Supremacy’) and the institutionalised racism embodied in the NEP… does not make me a racist;

Just because I criticise religious intolerance and refuse to accept that Malaysia is an Islamic state… does not make me an Islamophobe;

Just because I have learned to see and think critically beyond what UMNO-BN government propaganda would have me believe is the one and only “truth”… does not make me a subversive.

It makes me an independent thinker. A free citizen. An individual.

I refuse to quietly submit to UMNO’s not-so-secret wish that I should become a docile, fawning minority lapdog that can be whipped at their pleasure and be content with whatever table scraps the filthy UMNO-BN overlords choose to throw to me.

But by the definitions above and my refusal to submit to UMNO’s desired place for me in its scheme of things, your paranoid and corrupt government will classify me a subversive.

And I shall gladly accept the label as a badge of honour, for to subvert a system as corrupt as UMNO-BN can only be a good thing.

If anyone has made me a subversive, it is the fascists in UMNO, who have sunk so low into corruption and are so deathly afraid of having their delusions of grandeur shattered, they must monopolise the very truth by throwing all resources at shutting down the slightest sign of dissent.

So, UMNO fascists, let me tell you how I am going to be subverting your precious, pus-ridden government.

I will be posting verified and cross-referenced facts, reports, civil society news updates and records of public figures’ bad behaviour; I will engage people in civil debate and discussions on human and civil rights and work on collaborative projects on how to improve governance in this country; I will encourage citizens to think for themselves and to vote intelligently when the election comes; I will of course frequently and regularly express my unforgiving opinion of your putrid leaders, who in truth need very little help from me to look like fools.

What will you persecute me for? For posting facts? For posting mercilessly unsympathetic opinions on the absurdities and outrages perpetrated by a government that seems to think it is accountable to no one, and persecutes whistleblowers rather than the perpetrators of crimes?

You are accountable to us, the rakyat, the people.

Perhaps you forget that we are your bosses. We are your employers. And we say, “Enough! You’re fired.”

It is a tragedy that this situation has come to pass. You who are in government are living caricatures of corruption, greed, incompetence, self-delusion and hubris. You deserve nothing but contempt and derision.

I would spit on you, but that would make me no better than UMNO Youth. There are more productive outlets for my anger. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have much work to do to subvert your ‘New UMNO-BN order’. And you can be assured that I will not be working alone.

We the rakyat are watching you.



5 responses

9 08 2007

Hi ‘Hantu Baris’
Got here thru Mob’s.
Wellcome to the blogsphere!
Well said, I guess, one cannot be contented to just stay on the sidelines huh?
Quote’ Fence sitters for too long will only get their arse poked!’
Hopefully, you can join the rest of us in the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka do…
go to people’s parliament for more details…

[ GhL ] : ‘Rohani’ or maybe ‘Mambang’ might be closer to the definition that I had in mind, but that’s nitpicking. Cheers, will do my best to be there on the 25th.

9 08 2007

Excellent manifesto, GhL! Vertical applause from all directions! The planetary and stellar alignments indicate massive and rapid disintegration of all games that aren’t founded on ethics, aesthetics – and that are lacking integrity.

9 08 2007

that’s a poem!

see u at the blog house on the 25th, bro.

[ GhL ] : see you there!

9 08 2007

Hey Garisan Hantu…..W E L C O M E to the Band. Bloggers will walk more confidently with you in our ranks. You can always ride with Zorro, for a fact. If you cant play to win why play at all…..and being #2 is to be the first amongst the losers. Onwards then.

[ GhL ] : Hi ho Silver! oops…that’s the Lone Ranger. Ah well, same sentiment. Cheers bro.

10 08 2007

Couldn’t agree more with your sentiments bro.
The winds of change are blowing stronger and ever stronger.
Steadfastly and fearlessly the peoples’ power will prevail.
The arrogant, greedy, unworthy pretenders holding power will soon be overthrown and disgraced via the ballot box.
For all Malaysians, total equality is essential, the only race which matters is the human race, and religion is a personal matter which should be of no concern to anyone but the individual.
Let’s level the playing field folks, stand up and be counted.

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