Cis, Bau Najis…! Hisham Opens His Mouth

13 08 2007

Cis, bau najis… sape yang terpijak ni? Oh, patutlah… mulut Hisham ternganga… I should’ve known.


(photo above sourced from the public domain. Bad breath makes you (in)famous)

See what happens when you turn your back for a couple of days. UMNO Youth Chairman Hishammuddin Hussein (he of the recent keris-waving hysterics) opens his mouth and reinforces Pak Blah’s hypocrisy by threatening civil society activists and bloggers… yet again. Excerpt from Malaysiakini below:


Hisham… Hisham. Do you really think we’ve forgotten how you waved your pointy little keris and threatened all and sundry non-UMNOputeras at the UMNO General Assembly not so long ago? You are not qualified to lecture anyone on responsibility and what else was it you said… ‘national harmony’? ‘cultural values’?

What brought on this sudden fit of hysterics from you? Poor baby… are you feeling a bit neglected/sidelined/forgotten/isolated in UMNO that you need to throw a tantrum to get public attention? Feeling a bit insecure because you didn’t think of marrying Pak Blah’s daughter first? Or are you jealous of Norza-whatsisname-Zakaria kissing KJ’s ass in public and not yours? (Now that you mention it, Norza’s public ass-kissing was so obscene and gratuitous, it should have been classified as pornography and censored. Zainuddin Maidin, were you sleeping on the job?)

In the meantime, here’s some free advice for you, Hisham: instead of opening your filthy mouth and stinking up the air, why don’t you do us all a favour: shut up and watch your back instead for your ‘rakan seperjuangan’ KJ. Jaga-jaga he do a ‘Mat Tyson’ on you and send you membabi buta to political suicide. Not that you need much help of course, you’re doing a pretty good job of that right now. You should really thank me for the free advice, I usually charge USD250/hr, but this is a special offer just for you.

And don’t worry if you’re desperately craving attention: you’ll soon be entry no. 3 on the ‘Idiot du jour: Hall of Infamy’ gallery; I’ve almost finished your entry, where your boorishness and halitosis will be recorded for posterity. You can thank me again. Eating my shorts would be an acceptable token of gratitude.

By the way, you might want to fire your scriptwriter, Hisham, he’s got it all wrong:

WE the rakyat are watching YOU.



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