Namewee Persecuted; Up Yours, Nazri

16 08 2007


Nazri ‘The Nazi’ Aziz sends his chief lapdog the Attorney-General (who will in turn send his little lapdogs the police) after Wee Meng Chee a.k.a. ‘Namewee’. From Malaysiakini:


Really, Nazri?

Every time I think you’ve set a new bottom for thuggishness, you come along and surprise me with even more abysmal behaviour. I should not be complacent: there is no limit to your thuggishness. So, since you insist on being a thug, I will treat you as a thug.

Up yours, Nazri.

I don’t see you investigating the 632-page corruption report submitted to the comatose Pak Blah’s office with the same kind of rabid energy that you’re putting into persecuting this student’s civil protest.

I don’t see you foaming at the mouth over Hishammuddin’s keris-waving and threat to “bathe the keris in Chinese blood”. Or maybe you did foam at the mouth, but for a different reason.

I don’t see you investigating the SMS death threats made against several prominent civil society bloggers. In fact, I’m rather surprised you didn’t send one yourself.

I don’t see you being so anal-retentive about investigating the allegations of corruption and misconduct against the IGP and Deputy Internal Security Minister that were so quickly and conveniently dismissed by your lapdogs the ACA and Attorney-General.

And now that I’ve mentioned the Attorney-General; man! what a piece of work our numero uno guardian of public safety is. I’ve seen tofu with more backbone than Abdul Gani Patail. How do you sleep at night, Gani, knowing you’re nothing more than a slobbering lapdog at the beck and call of your thuggish master?

Want some respect from me and the people, Gani? We’re giving you one chance to go do your frickin’ job and prove that you’re not a lapdog.

I am posting here the details of one of the slavering hulubalang zombies who sent SMS death threats to civil society bloggers including Datuk Ruhanie. The details were discovered after investigations and posted on civil society blogs Zorro-Unmasked and Screenshots. The text of the death threat SMS is reproduced verbatim below:

“Just 4 bloggres whoever there ard w’ever shall be given stern warning drastic. Bloggers must realise they successfully been identified even will be put to sleep.”

The owner of the mobile phone was uncovered by tracing the SMS number 60163929760 back to village idiot thug:

Nor Asmadi bin Hamdan
No 5 Kg Medan
09800 Serdang
Kedah Darul Aman Sg Taka

NRIC No: 810413-02-5471
Date of Birth: April 13, 1981

Obviously, judging by his age, this is just a common thug-punk acting on behalf of someone higher up the thug-hierarchy. Datuk Ruhanie has filed a police report at the Kajang Police Station. All the details are on file. Ball’s in your court, Gani. Unless, as we all suspect, you really don’t have any.

I leave you, dear readers, with this eloquent protest from the talented and embattled Wee Meng Chee:

Standing by you, Meng Chee.

N.B. Am blogging from outstation and will be slightly erratic over the next few days. Apologies all. But the Net is always watching.



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