MCA MaChAi to ‘Assist’ Namewee over Negarakuku ‘Mistake’

17 08 2007

Wee Meng Chee made a ‘mistake’? Nazri was “merely doing his job”?

Did you actually just say that, Chua Soi Lek, vice-President of MCA?  你说的是不是人话?

Go look in the mirror, Chua Soi Lek. That’s what a lackey/lapdog looks like.


Wah… any more of MCA’s ‘assistance’, and Wee Meng Chee will be eating curry rice in Kamunting. Thanks but no thanks.

Have you asked yourself why Wee Meng Chee was so frustrated in the first place? I’m sure you can read the original Chinese lyrics, if not there are plenty of accurate English and Malay translations circulating now. Or did you not bother to watch the music video before rushing with your tongue hanging out to please your UMNO masters and maybe score some doggy treats/political mileage?

Maybe you’ve considered raising some of the valid issues pointed out in the video? Or is that too much to ask of MCA?

I won’t even bother to repeat how well Nazri is “doing his job”. If you MaChAis want to know, read my previous posts on the Negarakuku thread.
Repeat the MCA honour pledge after me:

I, MCA, am a MaChAi. I am also known as a 走狗败类 aka Running Dog. I long ago sacrificed any principles and backbone I might once have had, to live at the pleasure of my filthy UMNO masters. I wait happily for table scraps, and I will not hesitate to go after dissenters who may threaten the order of things and my special place at the stinking feet of my political masters. I am a lapdog.

Excerpt from The Star Online:


Full Star article here



One response

17 08 2007

look at this the daily show
they do what namewee does but worse…mind you our flag is modeled after the USA
watch this show and tell me what u learned

[ GhL ] : that America is infinitely more tolerant of criticism and fair comment than Malaysia? Just to clarify, I’m not a huge fan of Jon Stewart myself — he does go overboard at times — but the point is that you can critique and/or criticise the government and its leaders when necessary, unlike in Malaysia, where the slightest hint of dissent is regarded as tantamount to heresy. To be fair, America (and NZ) do have factions in government that are trying to do the same, i.e. suppress dissent, but they are by far in the minority.

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