Proposed Election Video for Jeff Ooi

18 08 2007

Socio-political blogging in Malaysia is usually a dead-serious business.

It makes you angry, it makes you sad, and all too often it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

But sometimes… it can be fun.

See here popular blogger Kenny Sia‘s tongue-in-cheek election video suggestion for Jeff Ooi. Video below:

Way to go Kenny; way to go Jeff!



2 responses

19 08 2007

For once… I agree with Simon Cowell.

[ GhL ] : Catchy song, bad singing, good message, great sense of humour!
And the irony is that more young people will probably see the message from this video than the messages from the very passionate and meaningful forum we had this afternoon (“Merdeka Dialogue: Whither Bangsa Malaysia?”) We’re missing something here, Antares.

Where are you, young friends? How can we reach you and get you to care?

21 08 2007

It’s never EITHER this OR that, Ghostline – it’s always a bit of this AND a bit of that. I’m generally disinterested in law and politics as these preoccupations are way too linear and pedestrian for my taste. I grew up on sci-fi, cartoons, and fantasy comics. Some people label me an “activist” and “environmentalist” – labels which make me wince because I only ever got involved in combatting loggers and other would-be desecrators of natural beauty after I moved to the forest and it became a matter of defending my beloved home against bulldozers, bureaucrats, and businessmen. Meetings, conferences, forums, symposia – talk, talk, talk, talk, and more talk ain’t gonna draw the young ‘uns who grew up on MTV and Playstation. Way too squareheaded and linear. The young instinctively sense that politics is a load of crap – and that “if voting changes anything, they’d ban it!” But, of course, the more pragmatic part of me will actually go out and cast my solitary vote come election – and I do make it a point to get engaged in political dialogue, if only because I believe that real change happens first from within but it must also be followed through externally – for all practical purposes through legislative change. However, I measure progress by the number of laws that are abolished or repealed – and on that score there has been no real progress whatsoever in generations, since people find it easier to make (or break) laws rather than conscientiously UNMAKE them. That is ultimately my political stance: that the more laws we unmake, the sooner we shall mature as a “body politic.” I wrote an essay on this subject some time ago and those interested may access it here 🙂

[ GhL ] : My reply to this has grown into a full-size post, and will be up shortly. In the meantime, do have a look at Antares’ essay above for his interesting and incisive views on how the internalisation of values is far superior to externally-imposed codes of behaviour (i.e. written law).

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