Mihun Merdeka! Desecration of the Flag!!!!!!!

18 08 2007

Dear Nazi Aziz,

You are our most conscientious and refined minister. We offer uncountable thanks and innumerable offerings that you — a paragon of virtue and culture — are there in Parliament to defend the interests of the rakyat and the values enshrined in the Constitution.

As a civic-minded and patriotic citizen, it is my duty to report to you — our hero of Law — the perpetration of a most heinous desecration of the Malaysian flag, spotted as I was having lunch in the KL Golf & Country Club. Please see the following photos for irrefutable evidence of a grave crime against the nation and the people of Malaysia.




I was happily sitting down with my friends for lunch, and ordered the ‘Mihun Goreng Singapura’. It arrived in due course, a steaming hot and fragrant pile of stir-fried mihun, colourfully decorated with chillies, chopped onions and… and… a Jalur Gemilang stuck in a piece of tauhu goreng!

I was SO OFFENDED by the sight of the national flag stuck in a piece of tauhu goreng that I spewed mihun and tauge out of my nostrils on to my friends (who will likely be suing KLGCC for physical injury, trauma and emotional distress). I was expecting that the national flag would be stuck in a piece of wagyu beef or a truffle, at least.

Despite their obvious patriotic sentiments, KLGCC has been most inconsiderate and insensitive to the sentiments of culinary aesthetes and connoisseurs such as myself. How can you stick the national flag in a piece of tauhu goreng? Tauhu goreng??!! Paling kurang pun wagyu beef or airflown tuna sashimi, bukan?

We must take immediate action against these pengkhianat negara!!!!

They have treated the national flag in a most disrespectful manner by using it to decorate a plate of cheap stuff like meehoon goreng. Worse still, this act of desecration was witnessed and abetted by the dozens of assorted Tan Sris, Datuks, Datins, and wannabes present in the restaurant at the time. The Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur’s official car was also spotted parked in the driveway. These are the people we expect to uphold the values of the nation, and yet they are abetting the desecration of the flag. It is disgraceful.

They must be held to account for this. They must all be held to account for this. I hope you will send your dozens of keris-waving hulubalang/balaci UMNO to overrun the KLGCC in order to stamp out any such form of disrespect to the national symbol. Send Khairy too, to hop and jump and scream in front of KLGCC.

Personally, I am a man of peace, and I will forgive the KLGCC for this transgression, but they have clearly broken the law, and as you have so wisely said, the law must take its course.

So, dear Nazi Aziz, I have thus provided you with all the evidence you need to persecute prosecute these pengkhianat at KLGCC. I have not bothered to lodge a police report at IPD Dang Wangi because I felt that it would be more appropriate to go straight to you with this enormous crime against the nation; I know that you will do your job conscientiously, without fear or favour.

I am looking forward to you doing another great disservice to the nation.


[ ghostline ]



2 responses

22 08 2007

what about that dude who always wear the jalur while supporting the malaysian badminton team?

[ GhL ] : Indeed. What about him? As I recall, his over-the-top antics tended to be a bit more embarrassing than pride-inducing to watch. Ain’t nobody raiding his house.

23 08 2007

would love to see the keris-wavers descend upon KLGCC a-la Frank Miller’s 300 (with booming drums and chorus in the background). heheh. good one!

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