NEGARAKUKU! I Am NOT The Spineless Mainstream Media.

21 08 2007

Just when I thought I could cool down for a while and get back to writing more productive, level-headed posts (which I will get back to shortly)… UMNO-BN comes up with another baldfaced attempt to shut down public debate and a potential source of embarrassment for the government over the Wee Meng Chee a.k.a. ‘Namewee’ controversy over the ‘Negarakuku‘ video.

Just like when Najib shot his mouth off about Malaysia being an Islamic state (in contradiction to the Federal Constitution), the Internal Security Ministry is now trying to save the government’s collective arses by barring all further reports on the ‘Negarakuku’ issue in the mainstream media. Excerpt from Malaysiakini below:msk-070821-negarakuku_-enough-ministry-tells-media-1.jpg

Of course, our mainstream media being as spineless as it is (save, perhaps, the Sun), barring the ‘Negarakuku’ debate is probably a moot point. I forgive Che Din Yusof. He is only a poor mindless balaci reading from a script. A statement of such blanket idiocy could only have come from the top, either from Deputy Internal Security Minister Johari Baharom (of recent ACA fast-track clearance notoriety) or from the habitually-comatose and/or absent PM Pak Blah. Pak Blah also happens to be the Internal Security Minister, and the buck has to stop somewhere, or is it another case of “saya tak tahu?

Pak Blah Pak Blah. RM4.6 bil public money down the drain in Port Klang doesn’t warrant your attention, but a young man’s angry rap video does? Fast-track ACA clearance of tainted public officials doesn’t get your goat, but this does? Hisham and your monkey Son-In-Law waving keris and making racist threats are ok? UMNO MP’s making sexist remarks in Parliament are ok?

Are you actually conscious, Pak Blah? Or is someone propping up your fast-asleep body and making it appear as if you’re actually doing something?

People, do you see what is happening here?

Again, instead of trying to address the real issues: endemic civil service and police corruption, inefficiency, institutionalised racism, active fascism within the government… UMNO-BN decides to persecute a justifiably angry young man and when the inevitable public backlash comes, UMNO-BN tries to prohibit the media from any discussion of the topic, save of course for the wise and sacrosanct comments from those two paragons of virtue and integrity, PM ‘Tidur Mati’ Pak Blah and DPM Najib ‘Please! no more Altantuya!’ Tun Razak.

It reeks of such X#$@%! arrogance and hubris that I just have to let fly another salvo. Excuse me while I reload.

Pak Blah, whether you are sleeping/comatose/half-awake/out of the country/lost in the Bermuda Triangle, I don’t care. You are the Internal Security Minister, and I hold you responsible for this fascist act of suppressing the media. This is what I have to say to you:

I am not the mainstream media.

You DO NOT tell me how to think, and you DO NOT tell me what to say.

I will damn well say anything I want to, for I actually take the trouble to think about the things I say , and I am infinitely more responsible than any of you wankers in government. If I see something ugly, I will say it’s ugly, and I say that this media suppression is #*@!$ ugly.

In the meantime, you Internal Security Ministry wankers can go buy a copy of the New Straits Times, roll it up and stick it where the sun don’t shine.



7 responses

21 08 2007

Is this country ruled by a dictator? what is so special about
PM and DPM, under which rules of laws, they are granted
special rights to comment but rakyat have to keep quiet,
cannot critisize, comment and etc.

Is this country still practising democracy?
Any comments against government are sensitive? will cause riot?
Every rakyat have to keep quiet!! Otherwise, action will be taken,
all kind of Act will be used, from ISA, Sedition Act, OSA, what else??

21 08 2007

They failed to realised if May 13th were to happen again it will be the Chinese who is gonna KILL the Malays!!

[ GhL ] : ‘CinaAhPek’, like the fictitious ‘Dr. Ng Seng’, you are obviously one of Azalina’s UMNO cyberthugs trying to plant a ‘seditious’ comment on my site. How’s it feel like being a mangy lapdog?

Which dumb f**k would register himself as ‘CinaAhPek’ with an email like ‘’ and a non-existent URL like

OMG, could it be? Are you… are you… Mat Tyson in person? I am so honoured that you would visit my humble blog! Please visit my Idiots du jour Gallery to see the place I have specially reserved for you.

For the non-UMNO cyberthugs out there, please listen carefully:

I understand your anger, but please DO NOT MAKE RACIST THREATS, on this site or anywhere else. It only makes things worse. By indulging in racist rhetoric, we are no better than Hishammuddin or Khairy or any of the UMNO rabble. I know it is difficult, but try to rise above the trap of racist politics, and try not to see things through the lens of race, religion or gender.

My fury and criticisms are directed purely at the corrupt and racist politicians who run this country, not at the Malay race or any race in particular. Many of my targets are in UMNO (gee I wonder why), but I have not spared MCA and I will not spare MIC or, for that matter, anyone including opposition politicians if they indulge in racist rhetoric. I have many good Malay friends who understand what is wrong in this country, and I am working with some of them to try and change things for the better.

To all readers (except UMNO-BN cyberthugs – the plague upon you) I wish you well, and I hope that you may find the strength to rise above the scourge of racism.

21 08 2007

Daniel aka Gallivanter’s version of Negaraku is probably even more controversial, it’s been on youtube since March:

[ GhL ] : Silly? Yes. Controversial? Hardly. Loosen up people. While national symbols have value and in theory should be respected, history shows that the degree of respect people have for national symbols corresponds directly to how much they feel the government/nation respects them.

Not every one is able to make the distinction between the “government of the day” and “the Nation” as two separate entities, and thus one can hardly expect the marginalised to effusively praise the symbols they (may erroneously) associate with the system that is marginalising them.

22 08 2007

DHL: “Is this country ruled by a dictator? Is this country still practicing democracy?” … No. Could it have something to do with the fact the country is still under ’emergency rule’ from the race riots of ’69? Well, it probably doesn’t help.

Anyway, I’ve been following the Negarakuku story, puzzled as to why more people aren’t outraged. Other political issues aside, it’s a shocking abuse of authority. “What’s that? He said something bad about me? I AM IN CHARGE HERE. GET HIIIM! *sob* I’m telling mommy!” … Absolutely childish.

Great post, GhL. It’s my first time here, but I’ll be sticking around for sure.

[ GhL ] : Welcome, RT, glad to have you here. The fact is that the UMNO-BN government is deliberately playing up the ‘Negarakuku’ issue so as to distract from the *real* problems, but fret not: old sins cast long shadows, and in the ‘Net, old sins live forever.

22 08 2007

Excellent rant, GhL [hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee]! If I hadn’t already blogrolled you, I’d do it again right now 🙂

[ GhL ] : Quit laughing and help me reload! 😀

22 08 2007

The govt would rather focus on a horribly produced rap video than a minister using up billions of ringgit.

Why would this surprise anyone? It’s only 4.6 billion ringgit mah, they’re not making fun of Malaysia! Just of the Malaysian people. That’s acceptable in the eyes of the imbeciles we have in the govt. Lovely.

22 08 2007

Dear blog owner,

I wonder who is racist in the first place. Wasnt it namewee was the one who was writing that song? And what was in his mind when he also wrote that other song “my friends’, which was a true racist anti malay song?

Come on, let us get our fact right…

[ GhL ] : Fair comment. “My Friends Kawanku” is a rather insolent song, but I would beg to differ that it is “a true racist anti-malay song”.

This version has lyrics accurately translated into English. Here’s what the song is about:

As you can see, the first 1/3 is a rant directed at fellow Malaysian chinese, particularly KL Chinese whom he perceives as being snobbish and too eager to be “fake Hong Kong” people by establishing a Cantonese dialect hegemony in Malaysia. The second 1/3 is directed at Singaporean Chinese, whom he perceives as being snobbish, ‘kiasu’ and ‘kiasi’ (roughly: unnecessarily competitive but also paranoid) and lambasts them for looking down on Malaysians whom they perceive as being ‘less developed’. The final 1/3 is directed at Malays, whom he resents for (1) discriminating against the Chinese; (2) being ‘lazy’ and ‘unmotivated’ even after 50 years of independence. This is clearly directed at the NEP.

The thing is, Mamanview, as rough as the language is, Namewee’s criticisms ring true, and he has in fact criticised his fellow Chinese in much stronger terms than he did the Malays. I am Chinese, and I have to admit that his criticisms of us are just as true. He hasn’t made up anything in his song, though certainly his insolent tone may offend some. Frankly, this pales in comparison to the ‘gangsta rap’ so popular in the US.

So there are the facts. Loosen up.

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