Look What The Cat Dragged In…

22 08 2007

… It’s one of KJ/Azalina’s cyberthugs a.k.a. mangy lapdogs a.k.a. pusbags! The ‘seditious’ comment below was posted on my previous blog entry ‘NEGARAKUKU! I Am NOT The Mainstream Media’. See here the offending comment in red complete with IP address and (non-existent) domains.

CinaAhPek | cina@cina.com | cina.com | IP:

They failed to realised if May 13th were to happen again it will be the Chinese who is gonna KILL the Malays!!

And my response:

[ GhL ] : ‘CinaAhPek’, like the fictitious ‘Dr. Ng Seng’, you are obviously one of Azalina’s (overpaid) UMNO cyberthugs trying to plant a ’seditious’ comment on my site. How’s it feel like being hung out to dry like a drowned rat found in the toilet?

What kind of dumb f**k would register himself as ‘CinaAhPek’ with an email like ‘cina@cina.com’ and a non-existent URL like http://cina.com

OMG, could it be? Are you… are you… Mat Tyson in person? I am so honoured that you would visit my humble blog! Please visit my Idiots du jour Gallery to see the place I have specially reserved for you.

For others out there, please listen carefully:

I understand your anger, but please DO NOT MAKE RACIST THREATS, on this site or anywhere else. It only makes things worse. By indulging in racist rhetoric, we are no better than Hishammuddin or Khairy or any of the UMNO rabble. I know it is difficult, but try to rise above the trap of racist politics, and try not to see things through the lens of race, religion or gender.

My fury and criticisms are directed purely at the corrupt and racist politicians who run this country, not at the Malay race or any race in particular. Many of my targets are in UMNO (gee I wonder why), but I have not spared MCA and I will not spare MIC or, for that matter, anyone including opposition politicians if they indulge in racist rhetoric. I have many good Malay friends who understand what is wrong in this country, and I am working with some of them to try and change things for the better.

To all readers (except UMNO-BN cyberthugs – the plague upon you) I wish you well, and I hope that you may find the strength to rise above the scourge of racism.



7 responses

22 08 2007


[ GhL ] : Cheers, EW; time to check the fences.

22 08 2007

Yes, that was one 3rd rate stupid try but sometimes they’ll attempt impersonation and/or use/fake an overseas IP server. Like all paid spammers, they won’t stop just because they are found out.

22 08 2007

one of the many hazards of blogging, nvm these Laskar Siber as they’ll be exposed to more truths. Sooner or later, they will know what evil their bosses are pushing them to do. They can’t stand protecting crap ‘coz it stank too much.
Keep dishing them their own crap.

[ GhL ] : So… much… crap… must… keep… dishing…

22 08 2007

ROFL. I think I should add a UMNO NAZI categories to lure them to my site.

22 08 2007

60.53.x.x are netblock belongs to Malaysia. So far we learned that most of this stupid comments origin from the country itself. Not many people get a treats similar to Taiko Jeffooi, if you read the story of Malaysia SMS scams saga.

22 08 2007

Dude, instead of editing your replies into the original post, it would be better if you just post another comment as a reply. Why? It’s technical. 🙂

[ GhL ] : Define ‘technical’

1 09 2007

to be honest, i didn’t believe these cyber-troopers existed. i was extremely skeptical when rpk 1st came out with the announcement. didn’t wanna believe that even our gov had stooped so low.

then i read this… and a similar comment from another non-existent email add at haris’ blog.

sigh! my parents’ hard-earned tax dollars are going to these dumb f**ks?

[ GhL ] :
It’s real, Satya. UMNO really *is* that low. There are even worse comments than these: some other bloggers have received hate comments and threats.

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