Bangsa Malaysia: The Event (Pt 1)

27 08 2007

[ photo above courtesy of TV Smith, via MageP’s Lab. Original poster art by mob1900 ]


Someone at the forum last night (Jordan I think) quoted:

it is better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.

And that is what we did last night, at the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka forum and gathering:

We lit a candle. We took a small step. Forward, mind you.

That’s a direction we haven’t tried in a long time.

What did last night prove?

It proved that race, religion, and even gender really doesn’t matter, if YOU decide that it DOES NOT matter. Those present came in all shapes, sizes and colours, literally. Tall short big small old young whatever. A cross-section of Malaysians, secure in our own identities, yet aspiring to real cultural diversity. Rojak. Majmuk. Muhibbah. REAL muhibbah, not the nauseatingly tarted-up fake ‘Muhibbah’ we see in the hypocritical official ads on TV. This was the real thing.

But know this, as long as the racist politics of UMNO-BN hold sway:

your voice doesn’t matter, but your colour does.

So say NO to racism. It begins with you. It begins with me. The whole point of Bangsa Malaysia is this:

Your colour doesn’t matter, but your voice does.

Think about it.

Now the real work begins.



7 responses

27 08 2007

Hi Ghostline,
It was a pleasure meeting you, Harold and I am Malaysian on the Get-together night. I am linking you immediately to my blog,

We have to make Bangsa Malaysia work at all cost. Like they say its either we live or we die together.


[ GhL ] :
Cheers, let’s take this somewhere

27 08 2007

Hey man,

Thanks for coming and would expect to see you more often in the future.


[ GhL ] : Thank YOU and the team for organising.

27 08 2007

sorry for going off topic.
just came by to thank u for the encouraging words in my bloggie few days back.


[ GhL ] : You are welcome Ammu, I am glad you seem to be recovering from your ordeal. For other readers, Ammu and her family were robbed at knifepoint just a week ago somewhere in KL. Several armed men entered their house in broad daylight, robbed the family and assaulted them as well. Fortunately, Ammu and her family escaped with relatively minor injuries due to the presence of neighbours. Visit Ammu’s blog for the description of the robbery. My best wishes to you and your family, Ammu.

Over the past several years, a number of my friends have also been robbed and even carjacked in KL. I am deeply thankful that so far no one has been hurt, but the crime situation in Malaysia continues to deteriorate, the police are half the problem, BN MP’s deny there is crime and all the while Emperor Nero Badawi fiddles away in blissful oblivion.

Forgive me for digressing, Ammu; at this juncture, I cannot help but fire another salvo at those abject “guardians” of public security the Royal Malaysian Police.

The PDRM has been whining about the lack of manpower and resources as their excuse for their ineptness (never mind corruption and partisanship) at combating crime, yet somehow they managed to allocate TWO precious patrol cars to drop by our Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka gathering on Saturday night, which as an event was no different from a large, well-behaved house party. Not enough resources to patrol the streets, but 2 cars just for us civil society activists? EH? WTF?

Go do your X#$@^%! jobs, PDRM! You should be patrolling the streets and protecting the public, instead of collecting ‘kopi’ money and being the attack dogs of UMNO-BN. Do you actually remember your pledge of service? You work for us, the rakyat, not UMNO-BN!

So to all readers in Malaysia, knowing the crime situation here and the abject inability of the police to do anything about it, please take every possible precaution on your own initiative to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Until a radical transformation of the police force occurs, it is best to ASSUME THAT THE POLICE ARE USELESS and cannot protect you. Take your own precautions.

To all readers (except UMNO-BN cyberthugs, the plague upon you) I wish you well.

27 08 2007

hi ghostline –a courtsey return call — appropraite connexxion during the Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festivaal!:( Desi’s getting a special line with that world. Perhaps we can gather all the forces to make sure the BN-UMNO devils (someONE used Iblias, remember?) disappaer one by wan…in the coming GE, esp with the ilks of Zakaria mad Deros, Close One Eye Yusof Said and who’s that “leaky” one in Parlaiment who at one swipe managed to insult his mum, grandma and all the sisters in NegaraKu — power back to the people soon to teach this guy and his cohorts some lesson in responsibility:)

[ GhL ] : Welcome Desiderata πŸ™‚ Another network connection comes online.

I have only just joined the hunt, but there is a profusion of targets and I have much, much ammunition. All are welcome to share.

Leaky 2: Bung Mokhtar Radin and Said Yusof are their foul names. I will record their foulness for posterity soon in my Hall of Infamy. Old sins live forever in the ‘Net.

27 08 2007

Congratulations on the FIRST STEP FORWARD!!The blogger community seem pretty confident!!! I wish your confidence is not unfounded. Like you mentioned, there’s plenty of hard work ahead, I sincerely wish all of you the very best.
But I think your struggle will be like the Iraqi’s guerilla war against USA. They make the US pay very, very heavy prices and yet the US is still in Iraq. Bush is still stubborn as ever. The only way USA will withdraw from Iraq is through pressure from his fellow Americans politicians back home, even the public sentiments won’t change his (Bush) stand. And I’m sure you understand that if the US suddenly withdraw, there’ll be chaos in Iraq.
My point is:
Iraqi = opposition + bloggers
Only people in BN, well, UMNO only, can change things for the better. But they’ll never do that cause they are in POWER. Why would they want to give it up? Simple as that. Only certain unhappy factions in UMNO, say those that did not get ‘fair’ share of their pie will make noise and change things.
No matter how many US soldiers the Iraqi kill, US will not withdraw from Iraq!!!
And if the opposition miraculously form government in the after election, there’ll be chaos.
Do you trust PAS? Do you trust Anwar? Do you think there’ll be no internal struggle within DAP? I’m not saying it’ll be hell, but it’ll be a very testing and nervous period.
However, Ghostline and all Bangsa Malaysia, you have my prayers and best wishes.

[ GhL ] : Garvi, on behalf of the civil society activists and bloggers, thank you for your wishes.

It is true that there is much struggle and uncertainty ahead. We are optimistic, but we are also very realistic people.

I look at this this way: After so many years, we DEFINITELY know what kind of rot we’ll be getting if we allow UMNO-BN to continue unchecked, so why not try something else? Frankly, with the kind of widespread rot in government we have now, I think that it could only be a change for the better. To paraphrase the well-known saying:

If we try, we may succeed, and we may also fail… but if we never try, we will never even have the possibility of succeeding.

This is why we try.

Walk with us.

28 08 2007

hey ghostline,

thanks for dropping by my site.

chris once said that those guys who are the ones being exposed to the net, sometimes they could have learn some sense after reading lots of posts about the malpractices committed by their bosses.

oh yeah..i’m going to do that EMAS thing there on those idiots…a friend told me that meaning means Engkau Masuk Aku Sunat!! πŸ™‚

[ GhL ] :
EMAS… sounds good! (Melvin is referring to the cyberthugs)

7 10 2007

I am touch by your post.

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