Taliban-wannabes (follow up on MyAsylum’s post)

30 08 2007


[ Video DELETED ]

This video was spotted at myAsylum. Thanks for posting the alert.

Congratulations, UMNO, look what you’ve created. A bunch of (in myAsylum’s words) Taliban-wannabe-retards threatening Namewee with harm upon his return to Malaysia.
I have more acid words to describe them, but they are unprintable.

Feel good now, all you UMNO wankers, Nazi Aziz in particular? Go home and jerk off to this video.

This is Merdeka, UMNO-style.

This nauseating video post will be up for 48 hours only for public information purposes, following which this filth will be deleted.



4 responses

30 08 2007

Those cowards who hide behind black masks, pretending to be the savours of Islam, are nothing more than immature, ignorant, spineless, subservient make-believe thugs who are a disgrace to their country and to the Muslim religion.
The Hitler Youth would have been proud of them! Wonder if UMNO Youth is equally proud of them?
Merdeka is worthless, 50 fruitless years for Malaysia.

[ GhL ] :
Nazi Aziz will surely be proud of these babies. Maybe one of them is his son?

31 08 2007

It seems to me (and I really do hope) that this is just a random attention-grabbing attempt by some idiots with a camera.

The bad news is that due to UMNO’s censorship of the media and education, it’s very likely that the vast majority of the community think along these lines.

Translation: Not a good sign for reaching out to foster unity.

P.S.: I was (sadly) not at the Bangsa Malaysia gathering, and will be out of the country for a Very Long Time come this September when Uni starts. Keep the old gal running while I’m away. She seems to have a bad case of cancer now that she’s fifty.

[ GhL ] :
You go do what you need to do, chansey, we’ll do our best to keep the cancer at bay.

31 08 2007

I’ll Be Back!

2 09 2007
Malaysians Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA)

Dear fellow Malaysians,

5 days ago a group of criminals posted a Taliban-style threat against Namewee on YouTube.

Malaysians Anti-Terrorism Association (MATA) would like to invite you to fight against terrorism in Malaysia!

To show Malaysians’ hatred against terrorism, MATA has posted three anti-terrorism videos on YouTube. Check them out, and spread them to your friends!

Let’s tell the terrorists that Malaysians DO NOT tolerate terrorism! Tell them to get out of Malaysia!

Peace, and Happy Merdeka!


[ GhL ] : Thank you for your efforts, but I think we should now shut down these ‘terrorist’ fools by refusing to entertain them at all. Let’s move on to more productive efforts to improve governance in this country (encouraging more people to register and vote intelligently, for example), and kill the rot at the source by removing the racist and hypocritical UMNO-BN government that inspired these fools in the first place.

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