When Smoke and Fire Don’t Coincide

2 09 2007

It’s strange, smoke and fire don’t always coincide in Malaysia.

You may see a lot of smoke, but the fire is elsewhere.

First, referring to my previous blog post on the ‘Taliban wannabes’:

There is a difference between satire and issuing a physical threat. Anyone who cannot understand the difference has no business talking politics — or being in government. When Namewee made ‘Negarakuku’ he was satirising the sorry situation in Malaysia. While his satire may have offended some sensibilities, what he did was a form of civil protest and was not a threat. In contrast, the homemade Taliban/Islamic Jihad-style ‘terrorist’ video threatening Namewee with harm ‘for insulting Islam’ upon his return to Malaysia is nothing but an amateurish and thuggish attempt at criminal intimidation. Perhaps — as some people have suggested — it was nothing more than 4 stupid punks pulling a stunt, but to threaten religious violence is not only illegal, it is extremely irresponsible and sets a dangerous precedent.

If it is attention and a rush that these 4 retards are seeking, I suggest that they aspire to something higher: they could take a flying leap off the skybridge at KLCC to verify the height of the buildings for themselves. Or dive into the garbage compactor in Semenyih; once recycled and composted, they may be of use to society as fertiliser.

The real problem is that the inspiration and impetus behind these 4 retards came from high up in the UMNO-BN government, from the hypocritical UMNO-BN ministers and MP’s who deliberately hyped the issue with racist and religious rhetoric in order to distract the public’s attention from the far more insidious scandals below:


(poster by mob1900)

The Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle: RM4.6 bil taxpayers’ money is to be used to bailout the project, which has blatant corruption dangling from every corner. Read the Malaysiakini article here:


Transport Minister Chan Kong Choy — caught in the public crosshairs — has conveniently fallen ill and fled overseas to recuperate on MC.



A half-arsed Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz trying to sneak Syariah law through the back door by proposing to unilaterally do away with English common law without the proposal being put through Parliament. The CJ’s duty is to administer the law, and he has no constitutional authority to amend it. This thickheaded buffoon is clearly violating the principle of the separation of powers. Visit Zorro’s blog to see how we deal with half-arsed CJ’s. (Picture from UUM website)



A half-arsed, blatantly partisan Speaker of Parliament, Ramli Ngah Talib, who either does not understand the responsibilities of his office or cannot control his primeval urge to lick his political masters’ testicles by preventing opposition MP’s from raising questions regarding the scandals above, and by refusing to sanction BN MP’s who behave abysmally in Parliament including making sexist remarks. (picture from Wikipedia).



The blatantly corrupt Port Klang assemblyman Zakaria Mat Deros (yes, he of the butt-ugly illegal mansion, years of unpaid assessments and crocodile tears) has 37 charges dropped without even having to attend court and gets off scot-free. New record! (picture from Tian Chua’s blog) May a plague of rats and vermin infest his house.

And that’s just to name a few. But don’t worry, UMNO. The Net does not forget.



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