Port Klang Board Game: Counting Vested Interests

4 09 2007

Smell that rotting smell? That’s the REAL reason Wee Meng Chee was so heavily persecuted.

From Malaysiakini, a summary of blatant corruption and conflicts of interest in the Port Klang debacle. Here’s a game for us all: draw an organisational chart of the parties involved in PKFZ and count how many conflicts of interest you can find. It’s infuriating family fun! Suitable for ages 2-102.

More soon.




One response

4 09 2007

Incestuous corruption!
The parties involved are shamelessly corrupt, but pretend to be the saviours of the nation.
There is no accountability, no honour, no dignity, no integrity, and no respect for the rule of law.
The thinking voters can only see arrogance, vulgar greed, misplaced trust, blatant shameless corruption, cronyism, conspiracy, conflicts of interest and self-centred manipulation of mega development schemes which are, it seems, initiated simply to feather the nests of theses hypocrites and manipulative saddening blood suckers.
Unfortunately PKFZ is just one , albeit shocking, example of this disgusting trend in Malaysia.
The wind change is blowing stronger and ever stronger. Wrongs must be righted and the guilty punished.

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