Walk With Audra; Walk With Rocky

4 09 2007

Tomorrow (Wed 5 Sept), two blogger comrades and their partners will be in separate court proceedings:

[ 1] The first proceeding concerns Allied Martster a.k.a. Tony Yew’s better half Audra Denise Atkinson, a former Chief Stewardess with Malaysia Airlines who is fighting an unfair dismissal case against her former employer. Apparently, MAS’ grounds for dismissing her were because she became pregnant with her third child and thus violated a clause in her employment contract (apparently standard for air stewardesses) that she would be dismissed if she became pregnant. Audra’s case will be heard at the Industrial Court in KL.
As I mentioned in my earlier comment on Haris Ibrahim’s post: in the US, this clause alone would be sufficient grounds for a class-action gender-discrimination lawsuit against MAS, and I hope that other MAS cabin crew will also make a stand against this sexist employment policy.

Haris summarises Audra’s case in more detail here. Tony’s own (legally-limited) post is here.

[ 2 ] The second proceeding concerns Ahirudin Attan a.k.a. ‘Rocky‘. I have no information on the proceeding at this time but I assume it is in connection with the lawsuit filed by New Strait Times Press earlier this year against Rocky and Jeff Ooi for allegedly libellous comments (they were NOT). FYI, Jeff and Rocky’s legal defence team is led by Malik Imtiaz, with Haris Ibrahim assisting.

Rocky’s case will be heard at the High Court (if I’m not mistaken).

More info on the real story behind the lawsuit against Jeff and Rocky at Walk With Us. Click on the January archives.

IMPORTANT: For legal reasons (potential subjudice), please do not comment on the court proceedings on either Tony’s or Rocky’s blogs, but do feel free to send them expressions of your support or show up at court if you can spare the time.

Audra, Tony and Rocky, we walk with you (even if only in spirit).



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4 09 2007

thanks buddy. Like rocky said, when he first recvd the summons, he felt vulnerable, alone, not sure of his next move. What transpired since has been amazing, all-blogs was born, and the outpouring of support clearly shoqs that this is simply not on.
All of a sudden, bloggers are being vilified for causing disunity amongst others!
The same with audra and I, the support we recvd has given us a boost of energy!
To those who do not understand, just imagine yourself in our shoes!
Lets pray and hope justice will prevail.
As for MAS[crew? Well, thanks to Audra, they now can have the third child, but MAS is just not taking her back! nasty! period!
So she set the benchmark, others are enjoying the benefits, and if you think that some of them who were given their jobs back during the period in question will step up and cite their case for audra’s favour?…think again. They don’t want to jeopardise their rice bowl!
Its a dog eat dog world……..

4 09 2007

Audra, Tony and Rocky, I walk with you too.
The truth will prevail, wrongs will be righted.
Let justice be done.

4 09 2007

although you’ll say it’s gender discrimination, there are some industries that allow such policies. there’s a Federal Court decision on that, but *shrug* i know you wouldn’t agree with me on that.

when you’ve accepted your terms and conditions of your employment, don’t go suing your employer for discrimination thereafter. you’d have obviously read them before accepting the job, right?

[ GhL ] :
Such policies used to be fairly commonplace (and I suspect they still are especially in the fashion and modelling industries), but it’s about time they were reviewed. Oftentimes people sign unfair contracts out of necessity; it doesn’t make the contracts any less unfair. Malaysia is very much behind the more progressive societies in terms of legal consideration for motherhood and pregnancy.

Have a look at Tony’s (Allied Martster) comment above. The problem seems to be one of unequal treatment: it appears that after Audra’s case, MAS amended their employment contracts; other stewardesses after Audra have thus benefited from the amended terms.

The question is, if MAS has really amended their policies, why are they refusing to reinstate Audra, when they appear to have reinstated other stewardesses? Why is Audra being treated differently? It makes it look like she is being penalised for being the pacesetter.

5 09 2007
MageP’s Lab » Blog Archive » Let’s walk with Tony and his wife, Audra …

[…] (that one would be dismissed if found pregnant during employment) would be sufficient grounds for a class-action gender-discrimination lawsuit against […]

5 09 2007
Patrick Yeap

Should highlight to overseas press media about MAS sex discriminative contract.
This case when receiving world’s attention will embrass MAS and does not make commercial sense to get rid off experienced cabin staff on the ground of pregnancy. Hope MAS will reconsider the decision and pay adequate compensation to Audra for causing her financial loss of income, stress and loss of face among her colleagues for getting a sack.

6 09 2007
winter in tripoli

We stand with you, Audra. More fairness and forward-thinking for Malaysian women, please. Good luck, stand brave and take heart. You have already won a lot of ground by bringing the issue to the fore.

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