PETITION: Return The Judiciary to The Rakyat! Call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

27 09 2007


In a parallel effort, Haris Ibrahim of The People’s Parliament — a prominent lawyer and one of the leading lights of the civil society and human rights movement in Malaysia — has drafted a petition to the Agong to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the judicial corruption that has been rudely brought to light by the ‘Lingam tape’.

If, like me, you think that the government’s half-cooked ‘independent’ inquiry panel is just another whitewash rubberstamp panel and have absolutely no confidence that the Badawi administration intends to take any meaningful action to properly investigate and prosecute the wrongdoers behind the ‘Lingamgate’ judicial scandal and the unbroken string of scandals before this, then:

Please go to The People’s Parliament for details and support the petition by signing it. Haris will be submitting the royal petition, but we must demonstrate meaningful support for that to happen.

Do we want change for the better? Then let’s keep the pressure on, people.




[ video courtesy of Malaysiakini ]

Bravo to the Bar Council, for proposing and leading this march; and

Bravo, also, to the brave civil society activists, opposition members and concerned citizens who showed up in force today at Putrajaya, and despite the inclement weather, a heavy police/FRU presence and early police interference (preventing the marchers’ buses from approaching), they cheerfully and peacefully marched on Putrajaya to submit the memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Nominally organised by the Bar Council to demand a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the enormous judicial corruption scandal caused by the release of the ‘Lingam tape’ which implicates current Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz, the march also implicitly expresses a vote of no-confidence in the Badawi administration to handle this affair in a satisfactory and transparent manner.

For those of us who weren’t there, the video and photos posted here (and all over the civil society blogs) should give a pretty good idea of the scale of the march. Blogger Lulu has a list of the major CS blogs who have begun posting photos, videos and accounts of the march. As usual, extensive coverage at Jeff Ooi, Elizabeth Wong, The People’s Parliament, Tony Yew, Rocky’s Bru, and many others.

Typical of UMNO-BN siege mentality, they mustered the FRU Praetorian Guard to defend Pak Blah from the truth of the people’s anger. FRU in riot gear facing off against lawyers and citizens marching peacefully in formal attire; does the FRU feel stupid yet?

The international news networks have picked up on this ‘rare’ show of dissent: AFP, IHT, CNA.

Well done, Bar Council, it’s good to see that the lawyers have kept their code. Well done, everyone else who was there in support. Wish I’d been there as well.

I salute you for your courage and integrity.



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