SOLIDARITY: Burma (3); Day of Action 29 Sept

29 09 2007

[ UPDATED ] 070930 . 1315

Petition has 235,000 signatures at the time of this update. Please support the petition HERE.


[ UPDATED ] 070929 . 1400

In support of the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Burma, who even now are suffering as the Burmese military junta executes a violent crackdown on the unarmed civilians and monks: an NGO has organised a worldwide petition in solidarity with the Burmese people.

The petition is targeted at and will be submitted to the UN Security Council and especially Chinese President Hu Jin Tao (as China is the Burmese junta’s main ally and source of support) and will be circulated to international media networks.

The petition has garnered 211,000 signatures as of the time of this post and will be sent out as soon as it reaches 250,000 signatures.

Please support the Burmese people’s struggle for democracy and sign the petition here.



I received this message through my subscription to the SEAPA newsletter and am posting it here in its entirety. Any highlights in red are added by me.

In the list of endorsements by governments and associations, Malaysia is represented by Malaysiakini and SUARAM. Tellingly, the Malaysian government (and it seems, most ASEAN governments as well) is unrepresented at the informal Asia-Europe Meeting on Human Rights (ASEM).

Have also attached ASEAN’s weak statement at the bottom of this post after the SEAPA statement.


Media Release – Burma

Siem Reap, Cambodia

For immediate release – 28 September 2007


ARTICLE 19, Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), the Cambodian
Centre for Human Rights, the Alliance of Independent Journalists of
Indonesia (AJI) and Reporters without Borders (RSF) call for a day
of solidarity and prayer for the people of Myanmar tomorrow,
September 29, 2007.

On the occasion of the 8th informal Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
Seminar on Human Rights we will gather at Angkor Wat to demonstrate
our solidarity with the Burmese people, and condemn the violence
that has claimed lives, including the life of a journalist, and
shattered the peaceful demonstrations in Myanmar.

Attending the ASEM Seminar as representatives of NGOs and
governments, we will hold a moment of silence and prayer for the
people of Myanmar at 11 AM, September 29
, and stage a short program
of statements to express solidarity with the democratic aspirations
of the Burmese as well as to call on the Burmese junta to exercise
restraint in dealing with the protesters around their country.

There can be no justification for the bloodshed recently reported,
as we have, one with the whole world, witnessed the courageous yet
orderly, peaceful, and dignified conduct of the protesting Burmese
and their religious leaders.

We urge the country’s ruling junta to put an immediate end to the
use of violence, and to respect the human rights of the Burmese
people, including the universally accepted and guaranteed rights to
freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
We call for the
release of all political prisoners, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,
and for the return to democracy.

We celebrate the courage of the Burmese people, civil society and
monks. We urge all governments and all societies to listen to, keep
alive, and support the Burmese people’s demands for democracy,
peace, and national reconciliation.

We welcome the statement issued by the Asian and European
participants to the ASEM, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, which joins the
global expressions of outrage and concern for the developments in

– For additional information, please contact: Ou Virak, Cambodian
Centre for Human Rights, tel: 855-12404051
– For a copy of the statement go to:


Siem Reap, Cambodia,

28 September, 2007


We, the undersigned Asian and European participants to the 8th
informal Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) seminar on human rights,
“freedom of expression”, gathered in Seam Reap, Cambodia, note with
great concern the recent developments in Myanmar/Burma. In
particular, we condemn the violence that has claimed the lives of
demonstrators. We call on the government to exercise restraint and
respect the rights of all Burmese to freedom of assembly and to the
peaceful expression of their views and opinions, in line with the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In the spirit of the ASEM informal dialogue, we call on the
government to work with all sectors of society towards an immediate
peaceful resolution of the current situation and the full
realisation of human rights in the country.


Austria – Austrian embassy, Bangkok
Belgium – Embassy in Bangkok
Bulgaria – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Estonia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
European Commission
France – French Ambassador at large for Human Rights
Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Latvia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lithuania – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Netherlands – Ambassador at large for Human Rights
Romania – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Spain – Ambassador at large for Human Rights, Spain
Sweden – Swedish Ambassador at large for Human Rights, Sweden
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

ARTICLE 19, United Kingdom
Asia Europe People’s Forum, Finland
Asia House and German Asia Foundation, Germany
Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, Cambodia
Campaign for Popular Media Reform, Thailand
Centre for Culture Technology and Values, Ireland
Citizen and Democracy, Slovakia
The Danish Institute for Human Right, Denmark – Malek Sitez
Don’t Block the Blog, Pakistan
\Electronic Frontier, Finland
FORUM-Asia, Thailand
Free Voice, Netherlands
Human Security Alliance, Thailand
Human Rights and Development Association in Cambodia (ADHOC),
Institute of Legal Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Justice and Peace Commission, India
Lao Movement for Human Rights, France
Latvian Centre for Human Rights, Latvia
Luxembourg Human Rights Commission, Luxembourg
Media Monitoring Agency, Romania
Malaysiakini, Malaysia
One World Platform for South East platform, Bosnia Herzegovina
Reporters Sans Frontiere, France
Research Centre for Minority Groups, Greece
Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Thailand
SUARAM, Malaysia
The Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia
Union for Civil Liberty, Thailand

Arnaud Dubus, France
Basil Constantinescu, Romania
Fumiko Saiga, Japan
Gabor Halmai, Hungary
Helene Ragheboom, France
Kevin Boyle, Ireland
Kurt Krickler, Austria
Paul Green, United Kingdom
Rolf Ring, Sweden
Sol Iglesias, Philippines
Yukiko Nishikawa, Thailand

Southeast Asian Press Alliance.
538/1 Samsen Rd., Dusit, Bangkok 10300.
Tel: 66-2-2435579, 66-2-2435373, Fax: 66-2-2448749


BBC article on the various positions of world governments on the violence in Burma.

China, India and Russia issued absolutely disgraceful statements on ‘non-interference’ with Burma’s ‘internal affairs’; ASEAN can only offer a lame statement; the most effective staetments come from the EU and UK. The US holds a tough line but has relatively little leverage over Burma compared to Burma’s closest allies: China, India and Russia.

Official statement from ASEAN follows below. It is far weaker than the SEAPA statement above, and pardon my pedantry, but from the wording of the statement one wonders if the members are more concerned with the image of ASEAN than the ongoing violence (red highlights added by me)
—- START —

Statement by ASEAN Chair
Singapore’s Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo

New York, 27 September 2007

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers had a full and frank discussion on the situation in Myanmar at their Informal Meeting this morning in the UN and agreed for the Chair to issue this Statement. They were appalled to receive reports of automatic weapons being used and demanded that the Myanmar government immediately desist from the use of violence against demonstrators. They expressed their revulsion to Myanmar Foreign Minister Nyan Win over reports that the demonstrations in Myanmar are being suppressed by violent force and that there has been a number of fatalities. They strongly urged Myanmar to exercise utmost restraint and seek a political solution. They called upon Myanmar to resume its efforts at national reconciliation with all parties concerned, and work towards a peaceful transition to democracy. The Ministers called for the release of all political detainees including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers expressed their concern to Minister Nyan Win that the developments in Myanmar had a serious impact on the reputation and credibility of ASEAN. They noted that Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has spoken to his ASEAN counterparts over the past day, and will be writing to Senior General Than Shwe.

The ASEAN Foreign Ministers gave their full support to the decision of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to send Special Envoy Ibrahim Gambari to Myanmar. They welcomed FM Nyan Win’s assurance that a visa would be issued to Mr Gambari in Singapore. They asked the Myanmar government to cooperate fully and work with him. Mr Gambari’s role as a neutral interlocutor among all the parties can help defuse the dangerous situation. The Ministers urged the Myanmar government to grant him full access to all parties in Myanmar, as they had done in the past.




2 responses

29 09 2007

Democracy Will Prevail
In this ruthless world where demagogues continue to assail
Against concerned citizens expressing their democratic rights
Let’s continue to pray and relay that democracy will prevail
With all forms of righteous justice returning soon with delight

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sat. 29th Sept. 2007

1 10 2007

petition signed.


[ GhL ] : Thanks Ammu. We really hope that the Burmese people’s sacrifice has not been in vain and that positive change will come about in Burma.

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