[ ALERT ] Cyberthugs on the Loose, Again.

2 10 2007

[ UPDATE ] 071002 . 2240

Malaysia Today is online again.

[ ALERT ] 071002 . 2000

Suspicious activity in the Malaysian blogosphere last night is now confirmed to be Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) ‘spam’ attacks on and attempted hacking of at least one and probably two civil society blogs.

  • Jeff Ooi’s ‘Screenshots‘ blog was down and has just come back online. Jeff has confirmed that there was an abnormal surge in activity last night and also an attempted hacking of his server.
  • Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Malaysia Today is still down at this time, and has been since last night; no word on MT yet but it looks overwhelmingly like a coordinated DDoS attack as well.
  • Malaysiakini was exceptionally slow last night at around the same time; no word from them on that but it may also be indicative of an abnormal spike in web traffic.

Screenshots is still not at full capacity and access is difficult at the moment; notice from Jeff below:


So far we have a confirmed web attack on Screenshots, a ‘highly probable’ on MT and a ‘possible’ attack on Malaysiakini.

The common thread linking Screenshots, Malaysia Today and Malaysiakini is that all three specialise in exposing scandals and wrongdoing, particularly those committed by those in the BN government and their cronies.

Too much of a coincidence.



5 responses

2 10 2007

Malaysia Today is now online. Is there reason to believe that wordpress.com and blogger.com are under threat?

If so, I will have to consider the security of either of these before deciding which to use for the unified blogosphere.

[ GhL ] : Sorry, Chansey, I don’t know enough about wordpress and blogger to answer your question.

Good job pushing for the unified blog.

3 10 2007

Well, the sites seem to be accessible again now. The UMNO funded cyberthugs must have been at work though.
We need to always be vigilant against all forms of censorship. The brutal dictatorship in Burma, and many other regimes, including Malaysia, control the media to various degrees to misreport news, twist the truth, misinform and feed the gullible with lies and half truth. Human rights, free and fair elections, free media and freedom of information are basics which are fundamental to democracy.

7 10 2007

IMHO there are at least 2 groups which can control the media – the Government with the control over local news channels and regulations, and big multinationals, with the money to advertise and pay off certain quarters (which does seem to happen a lot here, no?).

It works fine when both dampen each others’ influence, but when one is superior, or when both support each other, then trouble starts.

How much can multinationals control us?
From http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20427857/site/newsweek/

They can raise purchases by (GhL please italicise the numbers) just by changing the arrangement of words on a cereal box – what else do you think they can do if they want it badly?

[ GhL ] : what are the figures, chansey?

9 10 2007

50% I think it was, placed them in the pointy brackets. anyway, there they are.

Our thoughts are being suppressed by the government so they can stay in power and manipulated by multinationals for their own profit. Time to act, or soon our own decisions will not be up to us anymore.

16 12 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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