HINDRAF Leaders Detained Under ISA

13 12 2007

I am in Ipoh, by chance. 5 HINDRAF leaders have just been detained under the ISA, a number of them reportedly detained right here. There is clearly an increased police presence here.

Early this afternoon, the High Hypocrite Abdullah Ahmad Badawi invoked the ISA against 5 HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) leaders, detaining them without trial for 2 years and denying them access to legal representation, trampling on their civil rights and making a mockery of The High Hypocrite’s baldfaced lie (not that he needs any additional help) that Malaysia is a functioning democracy.
These are the HINDRAF leaders detained:

1.  P. Uthayakumar

2.  M. Manoharan

3.  R. Kengadharan

4.  B. Ganabathi Rao, and

5.  Vasanthan

Shortly after we received the news of the ISA arrests, I passed 2 police checkpoints along the Jelapang-Chemor road and also received independent reports of a significantly increased police presence in and around Ipoh. The police manning the checkpoints were heavily-armed and appeared to be mainly stopping motorists of Indian origin.

My assessment is that the police operation was part of a police net set up to : (1) catch HINDRAF leaders, or (2) pre-empt a community response against the arrests of the HINDRAF leaders. I am trying to verify this conclusion, though events seem to be bearing out my assumption.

Still believe Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s baldfaced lies and pretence at being a “kinder, gentler, moderate, honest and fair ‘Prime Minister of the people'”?

Still think that Barisan Nasional is ‘okay lah’?

Still think that ‘let’s not rock the boat lah?’

The only way to save Malaysia is to rid it of the cancer called UMNO-BN.

People, your rights as citizens are being violated upon right in front of you. We no longer have the right to say, “We are not happy with the government, and it is time to change.”

This is real, it’s happening now.

Take back the country. Do not stand by while fellow citizens are being persecuted for the ‘crime’ of expressing their unhappiness with the way things are going in this country.  

Vote BN out.  


The situation is still developing. More reports and responses:

Reuters is the first international news network to carry the reports.










2 responses

20 12 2007

Welcome back Ghostline! I myself have just come back to Malaysia over the holidays. News travels faster outside Malaysia than inside it.

Unfortunately, undercover bloggers are still needed, now more than ever. So much for human rights and democracy!

To the readers who still think Malaysia is at its golden age, you need only look outside our own borders to realise how much further we as a country need to go. Whether you choose to leave or stay with this knowledge is up to you – but for myself and many others, home is where the heart is.

To those who choose not to care, our leaders may claim they do not need you. They may lock you away, or kick you out of the country, or silence you with threats of tear gas and chemicals. But your countrymen need you. Your neighbours, your family, your friends, your fellow citizens need you. And turning a blind eye is betrayal to these people.

Ask not what you can do for your country, but what you can do for your countrymen.

[ GhL ] : Hello again, chansey. Welcome back to Malaysia… sort of. I was in Ipoh when they arrested Manoharan, and I saw the police screening motorists. A friend and business associate who was close to the HINDRAF leadership was also stopped briefly.

Hypocrisy is a high art in Malaysia.

22 12 2007

thanks for helping human rights in malaysia

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