Merry Kerismas! Greetings from Bolehland

20 12 2007


Seasons greetings from Bolehland! Above: Santa Dollah takes a break from doling out the Kerismas goodies.

Another quality product from Ghostline Industries Tidak Berhad, inspired by the brilliant poster below from Malaysiakini:




5 responses

20 12 2007

its time to change the government!!!!!

20 12 2007

Hahahhaha .. that is a good one.. I will feature it in my website soon.. hahahah…

[ GhL ]
: Spread the Kerismas cheer my friend…

20 12 2007

Yes no presents for Samy, he is not performing.
SAMY’S Dilemma now is he is unable to Deliver BN Indian Votes and Fearful of Protest Votes was advised by UMNO Youth Hishamuddin to Send MIC youths on Nationwide 1-week Tour for Damage Control.
It has finally dawn and sunk on Samy Vellu and his MIC stalwarts that the recent HINDRAF uprising has greatly affected his ability to deliver the votes in the coming GE which might greatly affect a number of marginal seats in which the Indians votes might hold sway for the BN candidates. The BN think tank is fearful of these “protest votes” and the UMNO Youth through its leader Datuk Hishamuddin has advised the MIC youths to do a quick “damage control” exercise and go on a Nation wide tour to correct the change in “loyalty”. The hurt and damage would be difficult to correct & erase now and this is more so with the five Hindraf icons safely locked up in Kamunting. What has been done cannot be so easily undone within a week
Go H E R E

[ GhL ]
: Samy’s already taken all the presents, whether the people gave them to him or not. The ugly truth is out there for all to see: UMNO doesn’t give two shits what the people think about the real issues of institutionalised racism and corruption, only that discontent may cause BN to lose votes in the upcoming election, thereby threatening their cushy rent-seeking positions.

Let’s give them something to worry about, shall we?

21 12 2007

hahhaha. the picture is funny wei. I think he has to save lotsa money to buy Abdul Rashid the EC chairman a big present next year.

[ GhL ] : so that’s where all the budget is going!

24 12 2007

It’s kind of funny to see a modified poster of Imam Besar sleeping. Should we be paying some attention to Kerisman? He’s been shouting at MCA in July and then on this Gerakan man over a remark that is supposedly true?

Someone said that BN is likely to lose 30 seats next election. So:

1. Make sure the opposition win about 80 seats.
2. Make sure the opposition win key spots like Padang Renggas, Merbok, Kinabatangan, Sri Gading, Jasin, etc..

[ GhL ] : Melvin, you have no idea what else I have planned for Imam Besar Sleeping not-so-Beauty. It’s always funny (in a ‘WTF?!!’ kind of way) to see the Imam Besar sleeping on the job (which he does whether his eyes are open or closed).

Also, Kerishammuddin’s been naughty again, hasn’t he? no presents for him!

But seriously, I think there’s a real chance this time round of pushing through meaningful change. We need to do all we can to urge people to vote (and vote smartly) while supporting campaigns like BERSIH to counter gerrymandering. I’m already campaigning.

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