Police to Block Solidarity Vigil for ISA Detainees, Again

22 12 2007


Malaysiakini reports that the police are cordoning off Dataran Merdeka and have issued warnings to prevent citizens from attending the above silent, peaceful candlelight vigil for the 5 HINDRAF leaders now under ISA detention. The vigil is scheduled for tonight, at 8 pm.

The UMNO-BN government’s response was to be expected, of course.
Well, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, this is what I have to say. Make sure you pass the message to your attack dog Musa Hassan and your lapdog Johari Baharom.

It is our fundamental and inalienable RIGHT as free citizens to peaceably assemble and to voice our concerns without interference from the state. We as citizens have never relinquished the right to public assembly; instead, the state has illegally misappropriated our right by ‘giving’ the police the power to ‘approve’ public assembly.

Listen well, Abdullah.

I do not recognise the authority of the police or the state in this respect. And neither do an increasing number of citizens in Malaysia.

In every single one of the previous civil protests, the violence was instigated and initiated by the police, not the citizens who participated in the protest. In fact, I am glad to see how disciplined the civil protestors have been, whether they be from HINDRAF, BERSIH, the Bar Council or otherwise. It is the PDRM that has proven to be lacking in discipline and professionalism, shirking their professional code to act as the thugs and enforcers of your shoddy regime.

And now you send your attack dogs in uniform to once again bar the people from peacefully assembling in solidarity with the HINDRAF leaders you unjustly detained under the ISA, an obsolete and draconian law that should have been expunged from the Constitution decades ago.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I have no respect whatsoever left for you. To address you by your birth name is a courtesy I do not intend to maintain much longer.

You are a failed leader of a failed government, trying desperately to protect a festering mess of failed policies.

I no longer recognise you as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. You are not fit hold the post. Nor do I recognise your Cabinet of fools, imbeciles and bigots.

You forget, Abdullah, that *I* am your boss. I am one of the rakyat, and the rakyat are very angry.


(click for larger version)

[ some components of the poster above were sourced from The People’s Parliament. ]



2 responses

22 12 2007

Well said Ghl.
We are effectively living in a police state under a government full of control freaks.
The right to assemble, the right of association, the right to free speech, and the right to justice, are just some of the basic human rights.
To hell with this PM, his Cabinet of the greedy and corrupt and all the other BN MPs and civil servants who do not have the independence, strength, accountability and integrity to stand up for their constituents and the public.
The perhaps forget that the people of Malaysia are the bosses, not them!!!!
Change is in the air, people power is the way forward.
Power to the people.

[ GhL ] : Yes, to hell and beyond with the whole rotten lot (there’s a special place reserved for this kind – it’s called North Korea).

I’m just waiting for some irritated deity to send a bolt of lightning / plague of locusts / Biblical flood / rabid dog / Apocalyptic horseman to smite their hypocritical backsides. I’m not too particular whether it’s Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, God, Buddha, Guan-di, Lord Siva, Indra, Bishamon, Anubis, Osiris, Nemesis, Athena, Hecate, Jupiter, Zeus, Hades, Odin, Thor or Loki who does the smiting.

Oh wait, I forget, I’m NOT allowed to use the word ‘Allah’ now. Thank you Johari Baharom for that gloriously enlightened statement. Allah will be very offended that a blithering idiot like you dares to call himself a follower of Islam. Cover your head when you go outdoors.

22 12 2007

i mean what’s the Govt’s problem man. they’ve already arrested the Hindraf 5 under Section 8 by immediately signing the detention order, by-passing the police in Section 7.

pak lah behaves more like a feudal sultan with his “liberal” judiciary appointments of judges known to be UMNO running “puppies”, regal “i pity them” statements that are supposed to pass of as some sort of UMNO royal pardon; and his lavish toys.

sadly, with the mythos in Utusan and Berita Harian, the rakyat don’t get the necessary information to vote wisely.

i will try to make it after an early exit from “go tong” (winter harvest) family dinner. 🙂

[ GhL ] : yeah getting the ugly truth about UMNO-BN out to a wider audience — especially the Malay community — is a major challenge. So far PAS is doing a reasonably good job of reaching the Malay grassroots while Keadilan seems to be regaining its strength too (this from my own random sampling on the ground).

Haris Ibrahim ( http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com ) has called for a total boycott of the lackey mainstream media to hit them where it hurts; this is something I’ve been doing for several years now myself. I can proudly say that I have not bought the NST in nearly 10 years, and the Star in 4. The spineless sycophancy and hubris of the MSM disgusts me, and I constantly urge friends and family to boycott the MSM too.

I’m not in KL this weekend, so can’t make it, but the vigil has been postponed so it’s moot anyway. But it’s a good thing, we need to keep the pressure up.

Small tremors build the earthquake.

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