Idiot du jour: Hall of Infamy

A continuously-updated gallery immortalizing our incandescently brilliant politicians and the unforgettably stupid or downright dangerous noises they make. With jokers like these, who needs satirists? Think about it: do you REALLY want these people in Parliament and making decisions on YOUR future?


IDIOT DU JOUR #004: On the left: this amazing man-shaped and semi-sentient sack of fascist manure is Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob. Photo on the right is earlier fascist shithead Benito Mussolini. Is there a resemblance or what? Butts of a feather clump together; they must have cloned Yaakob from one of Mussolini’s fossilised droppings.

RAP SHEET: Best known for demonstrating his refined, ‘high-crass’ character to all and sundry by making obscene gestures on TV during a recent by-election campaign. The following video is proof that the true measure of talent in UMNO-BN is how much of a jackass you can get away with being. Of course, it doesn’t help that the PM can’t tell Parliament sessions from his naptime.

Now known for suggesting that UMNO establish a ‘pasukan pemuda hulubalang’ (thug team) to ‘defend’ the party from criticism. Sounds like brownshirts to me. Butts of a feather clump together.

Disclaimer: The manure sack photo has been sourced from the public domain website of the Pahang State Government for informational and strictly non-commercial purposes (to identify an offensive, person-like object in the interests of public well-being) and qualifies as fair use of a public domain image.


IDIOT DU JOUR #003: Malaysia’s favourite racist-fascist schmuck*, PM-wannabe, (Mal)Education Minister, current UMNO-Nazi Youth Chairman and soon-to-be-backstabbed-by-comrades Hishammuddin Hussein a.k.a.’Kerishammuddin’ a.k.a. — ( terms deleted by blog administrator ) —

RAP SHEET: Hisham’s rap sheet is so long and toxic, he deserves his own quarantine chamber. Best (worst?) remembered for repeatedly waving a keris and shouting racist threats at the past two UMNO General Assemblies, threatening to “…bathe the keris in the blood of the Chinese…” and any other non-UMNOputeras who dare question “ketuanan Melayu” (“Malay dominance”). It’s an unusually big keris, Hisham… you sure you’re not compensating for something?

I haven’t found the video of the keris episode yet, but I promise I will post it as soon as it appears. Old sins cast long shadows, and old sins live forever in cyberspace. If anyone out there has the video, please post it on YouTube or drop me a line. In the meantime, “enjoy” this related video of Hisham’s cocky non-apology over the keris issue in Parliament.

The wanker was so proud of his racist remarks that to prove it, he repeated his keris-waving stunt at the following UMNO GA as well. Note also the blinding quality of our BN MP’s, with Muhyiddin Yassin prominent among the geniuses. Still feel like voting for a government that has a fascist fool like that as a senior minister?

Disclaimer: The photo of Hisham’s hissy fit on top has been sourced from a prominent public domain information resource for informational and strictly non-commercial purposes (this picture is selling like hotcakes for use as toilet paper) and qualifies as fair use of a public domain image. Being an ass gets you famous.


IDIOT DU JOUR #002 is ex-Selangor MB and current UMNO (Mis)Information Chief Tan Sri/Seri Tan/Setan Muhammad Muhammad Taib a.k.a. ‘Muhd2’ a.k.a. ‘Mat Tyson’ a.k.a. Matx2 a.k.a. ‘Setan’

RAP SHEET: bukan main panjang ‘bang; Mat has been a very naughty boy over the years. Hop over to (Malaysia Today) for a summary of bad behaviour, including eloping with the Sultan’s daughter and being detained at Brisbane airport in late 1996 for trying to carry a briefcase with AUD1.2mil in cash out of the country undeclared. Kononnya Mat ni tak paham cakap/baca omputih, jadi takde isi borang kastam lah. How he got out of that jam scot-free, I don’t know. Mahkamah Ozzie ni pun ragu-ragu sikit. But I gotta give it to him, Tan Seri/Setan ni memang orang rajin; sejak 1996 beliau tekun belajar omputih, kalau tidak, tak kan lah Tan Seri/Setan tahu blog RPK ada komen yang kononnya ‘sensitif’? Malangnya, Tan Sri lupa daftar kursus Internet, sampai masa buat laporan polis, tercegat pula bile ditanya apa tu ‘blog’. OPPSSsss…kena “Error 404: File Not Found“. Pelik betul negara ni, orang macam ni pun boleh jadi Tan Sri…

Currently Mat is best-known for leading his rombongan of 30 UMNO balaci with much fanfare and chest-thumping to lodge a police report at IPD Dang Wangi against Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), webmaster of independent media site Malaysia Today, only to find that RPK was already there and cheerfully putting (Mat’s) dirty laundry out to dry, one hol(e)y pair of underpants at a time. OOPPss.

Lulu (25/07) thinks that his ‘rakan seperjuangan’ in UMNO set him up for an ignominious charge into political oblivion by manipulating this not-so-bright-bulb into leading the charge against RPK. Kinda like sending your meth’ed-up pet rat to attack an 800-pound silverback gorilla.

Disclaimer: The inspiring picture of Mat on top has been sourced from the website of the Malaysian Parliament for informational and strictly non-commercial purposes (this picture pun tak laku) and qualifies as fair use of a public domain image.


IDIOT DU JOUR #001: First up on the skewer is de facto Law Minister Nazri ‘the Nazi’ Aziz.

RAP SHEET: This hansem fascist feller makes the average street thug look like a cultured gentleman. He’s so boorish, even Dr. M saw fit to diss him last year. Nazi Nazri professes to be a lawyer, but the evidence to support his claim remains circumstantial at best. Among his many acts of buffoonery, one stands out: when recently questioned by Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang about Malaysia’s (continually) regressing rank on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), his idea of parliamentary debate was to do a Jerry Springer and shout “Bodoh! Bodoh! Bodoh!” (Parliament, 21 June 2007).

Video here:

The quality of this man is such that if ‘Nazri Aziz’ was a brand of car and you put a Proton Waja next to it, the Proton would look like an Audi A6. (hey Proton, free marketing tip for you – get Nazi Aziz to advertise your new Gen2-with-a-butt).

This is the same hysterical feller waving his really huge pair of ISA and OSA balls — i mean ordinances — at the civil society activists and bloggers who can actually think for themselves and don’t subscribe to his version of the Holy Almighty One and Only Naz(r)i-endorsed Truth.

Disclaimer: The hansem picture above has been sourced from the website of spineless media outlet New Straits Times for informational and strictly non-commercial purposes (I couldn’t sell this picture even if I tried) and qualifies as fair use of a public domain image. Unlike some people, I actually credit my sources.

One response

4 09 2007

Perhaps you should add Zam to that list:

From this page:

though this is mostly more keris-waving, he has a point:

“Who actually reads bloggers’ websites? Most of them are intellectuals while those in rural areas, who wield a greater power in political elections, do not read these websites,”

note that in the VERY SAME SENTENCE, he acknowledges that the rural people are not intellectual (e.g. more stupid), while at the same time saying they have more voter power – which is, sadly, true. anything we could do to reach out to these voters is critical if we want to do anything really meaningful.

[ GhL ] : Don’t worry, Zam (and a looooong list of BN politicians) has a special place reserved for him in the Hall of Infamy. Now, if only I could clone one more Ghostline, the Hall would be filling up a lot faster.

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