12 09 2008


Raja Petra Kamarudin has just been arrested under the ISA. According to the Malaysiakini report, the police sent 10 men to his house at 1.10 pm to arrest him.

So, the racist thug Ahmad Ismail gets away with nothing but a light slap on the wrist, while Raja Petra who regularly exposes the UMNO-BN regime’s crimes is arrested under the ISA — because they do not want him in open court where his testimony could bring down so many of the ruling elite.

We all knew how weak and foolish Badawi was, but even I didn’t expect him to be so stupid as to arrest Raja Petra under the ISA.

Or is Badawi so weak now that he cannot even control his own Home Minister?

It does not matter.

If anyone still had any doubts about whether Pakatan Rakyat should take over the Federal Government, here is your answer now.




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12 09 2008

Stay cool, people. We were expecting that rabid bull mastiff to bite, after all his ferocious snarling and growling – and RPK has already had his tetanus shot (or was it tightanus? 🙂 – so he’ll be just fine. They can’t touch a hair on his head! His childhood chum happens to be DYMM Tunku Mizan, the Yang di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia – and his first cousin is the Sultan of Selangor. All the cops have a healthy respect for the man, just too weak to rebel against their evil masters. They will carry out orders mechanically, but there will be no Rahim Noor action on Malaysia’s best-loved hero. The thoughts and good wishes of 26 million Malaysians surround RPK and protect him from harm. RPK himself wrote in a recent blogpost that he’s banking on Anwar & Pakatan Rakyat taking over Putrajaya within the next few days – in which case he should be out within two weeks – otherwise… WE”RE ALL FUCKED ANYWAY! This is indeed the Battle of Kurukshetra between Umno/BN and the Newly Awakened & Empowered Malaysian Rakyat.

[ GhL ] – Despite my best efforts to control myself, I was almost incandescent with anger when I heard the news. But yes, RPK knew this was coming, and he would have prepared for it. I am eagerly awaiting the sudden and timely appearance of a huge dossier of incriminating documents to snap the last supports propping up this filthy, fascist UMNO-BN regime.

I hope this is the straw that breaks the camel’s (or in this case, beast) back. UMNO has seriously miscalculated. Mess with RPK? You mess with the people.

12 09 2008

“UMNO has seriously miscalculated. Mess with RPK? You mess with the people.”

Damn right! They were never particularly good at arithmetic anyway – so they let the Mamaks handle the Umno accounts. Now they’re totally fucked and have to keep stealing from the rakyat just so Rosmah can pay her tailoring and hairdressing bills.

Of course, EVERYBODY who isn’t an absolute fuckwit is ANGRY about this. The new government has probably sworn to REMOVE THE ISA (and the whole slew of archaic, repressive laws bequeathed by our erstwhile colonial masters) plus that ludicrous law that turns all honest cunnilinguists, fellatrices, and pederasts into criminals!

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