Brain Food

ghostline is neuralysing:

[1] Bushido: The Soul of Japan; Inazo Nitobe

[2] The Book of Laughter and Forgetting; Milan Kundera

[3] May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969; Kua Kia Soong

[4] The Samurai Ethic and Modern Japan: Yukio Mishima on Hagakure; Yukio Mishima, trans. by Kathryn Sparling

ghostline recommends watching:


[1] Brazil (1985); directed by Terry Gilliam

[2] V for Vendetta (2005); directed by the Wachowski brothers

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8 08 2007

Bravo, Ghostline! Glad to see you online and hitting hard. You do your country proud, my friend. Thou shalt be blogrolled without further ado! 🙂

[ ghostline ] : Cheers, Antares. Glad to join the fight. The cause needs every one of us.

9 08 2007

[ ghostline ] : sorry, i’m closing this page to further comments in order to consolidate all comments on the posts page. please post all new comments on the posts (Home) page, thanks =)

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