UM…NAH… Pak Blah Shows his Kuku Besi in Disciplining Ahmad Ismail.

11 09 2008

After much public outrage, Pak Blah and the UMNO ‘Supreme’ (misnomer) Council have sentenced the racist thug Ahmad Ismail to ‘3 years suspension from UMNO’ and he is to be stripped of all party posts.

OH, MY WORD!  *faint*  WHAT CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT IS THIS,  for such a gentle soul as Ahmad Ismail?

The other gentle racist UMNO thugs must be wetting each other’s pants in terror of what doom might befall them if they should make more racist remarks and death threats against the minority communities, media personnel and anyone else who might not agree with their beneficient ideologies.

In response to this vicious punishment and uncalled-for display of kuku besi by Abdullah Badawi, the corporate board of Ghostline Industries has decided to immediately hire Pak Blah to endorse our new product line of extra-mild kitty kat treats. The board considers that Pak Blah’s decisive, tough-guy image is entirely appropriate for promoting our food product for ferocious fluffy felines.

Pak Blah shows his tough side in disciplining UMNO racist Ahmad Ismail

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NEW! Naval-Grade Scandal-Whitening Toothpaste from PAC

2 10 2007


[ Another Dodgy(TM) PACkaged* product, proudly brought to you by Ghostline Industries Tidak Berhad ]

(*thanks to reader ‘Xylogue’ for the term)

Fresh from whitewashing the RM4.6 bil Port Klang Free Zone scandal (previous post HERE), the energetic Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has moved on to its next job: removing the stubborn stains left by the RM 6.75 bil Navy OPV (offshore patrol boat) procurement scandal.

Again, after making a good show of ‘investigating’, PAC Chair Shahrir ‘Peroxide’ Abdul Samad has announced that a number of crucial financial records pertaining to the procurement of several offshore patrol vessels (OPV’s) for the Royal Malaysian Navy are not available because the records ‘have been destroyed’. No files = no case? ‘Case closed’ then, I presume?

How… convenient.

Procurement documents have been ‘destroyed’? No problem, Shahrir, follow the money — there is always a paper trail somewhere. Bank statements — records of transactions, accounts of the principals and wives/mistresses, unusual company/ministry expenditures; while you’re at it, go squeeze PSC Naval Dockyards’ (now Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd) Amin Shah Omar Shah’s balls till he squeals.

See Shahrir, your job really isn’t that hard. Unless, of course… you’ve been instructed not to find anything after all the sandiwara, which I rather suspect is the case.

Problem is, we ain’t buying it.

(Antares first alerted me to the defence procurements scandal embroiling DPM Najib Tun Razak – just before it broke in the media several days ago – but have been unable to post about it until now due to breaking events, particularly the violent crackdown in Burma.)


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