Badawi The Happy Hypocrite

12 09 2007

Spotted in today’s Straits Times newspaper (The Singapore Straits Times, not NSTP): Abdullah Ahmad Badawi smiling and laughing and showing the world his public (international) face at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore, and then going back home and doing something else altogether. A choice selection of quotes from the article:

…Datuk Seri Abdullah also sounded a word of warning to the private sector: If you fail in your projects, don’t expect the government to come running to your rescue…”If you have built this, and it doesn’t work… I am not bailing you out. You may need the money, but we are not bailing you out.

Uh-huh. Oh that’s right… I forgot, the RM4.6bil of public money poured into Port Klang Free Zone is a ‘soft loan’, not a ‘bailout’;


“…When Mr. (Steve) Forbes asked Datuk Seri Abdullah about apparently prevalent cronyism in Malaysia, he replied: “I don’t understand this word cronyism now. Everyone has a chance…”

In other words: saya tak tahu. Again. What DO you know, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi?

Hot steaming crap.

Click to enlarge the article below:


See also Jeff Ooi’s post here on how Singapore’s Business Times found some glaring discrepancies in the 2008 Budget. Tsk Tsk.

Obviously the Budget calculations must have been done by the illustrious Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Dept, the same unit that notoriously plucked equity figures out of thin air late last year to contest the ASLI report that the 30% NEP equity target had already been exceeded and used par value instead of market value to value equity.

You, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, are a hypocrite.



One response

13 09 2007

I second that, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, you are a hypocrite. A liar!

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